Serie CUP - Hanyoung - Sensor Capacitivo Saliente

Marca: Hanyoung

Código del producto: Serie CUP

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 Model Code Information
CUP- -

Capacitive type proximity sensor

Sensing area size 18           M18
30           M30
Structure type R         Round type (Brass chrome plating case)
RP         Round type (plastic case)
Sensing distance 8       8 ㎜(Only with CUP-18□-8)
15       15 ㎜(Only with CUP-30□-15)
Power and Output type N     D.C NPN output
P     D.C PNP output
F     A.C/D.C 2 wire type(dual usage)(No polarity)
Output state A   Normal Open(N.O)
C   Normal Close(N.C)
connection structure * No indication (Cable type)
CR Relay connector type